ScoreBig Review 2020: Is it Legit, Reliable or a Scam? Fees? Customer Experience is the website where you can buy tickets. Here you can find an event using special filters, choose the dates and complete tickets’ purchasing. The website offers a very simple and user-friendly interface. They claim they have the lowest discounted prices on the market.
ScoreBig popular events

Is ScoreBig Legitimate and Safe?

The website is currently working and online. They had issues in 2016, which resulted in a SeatGeek lawsuit against ScoreBig.
It is to mention that ScoreBig had a shutdown in 2016 after a liquidity crisis. SeatGeek accepted to pay at least half of all unpaid orders, but brokers were very disappointed by ScoreBig’s collapse.
However, those days are in the past. The website is still working and selling tickets to customers (they have changed their management and now they are a subsidiary of TicketNetwork). The only thing that we can add is that current customers have doubts about the legitimacy of the website as they read the reviews and negative comments about the company.
If you read About Us on their website, you can see that the website has no more connections to ScoreBig Inc, the former owner of the brand. ScoreBig was out of business for some time, but now they are doing well. ScoreBig is a huge marketplace offering the clients not only to buy but also to sell tickets. News

SeatGeek has filed a lawsuit against embattled ticket outlet ScoreBig in New York State Supreme Court, seeking compensatory damages of at least $2M. SeatGeek in its summons alleges ScoreBig “improperly failed to pay brokers for tickets for future listing on SeatGeek’s platform. As a result of ScoreBig’s actions, brokers have and will continue to fail to fulfill orders for tickets, to the detriment of users on SeatGeek’s platform.” The lawsuit also takes aim at ScoreBig CEO David Goldberg and Senior Finance Manager Tyler Honaker, naming them as co-defendants and claiming they “exacerbated this problem by intentionally misrepresenting to SeatGeek that brokers’ fees for May, June and July 2016 had been paid when in reality they had not been.” The lawsuit is the latest in a string of problems for ScoreBig, which has been strapped for cash and last month engaged California-based restructuring firm Sherwood Partners to solicit bids for company assets. SeatGeek has offered to pay brokers 50% of unpaid ScoreBig orders in exchange for an agreement to not cancel tickets for fans.

Does ScoreBig Have Fees? How Fair Is The Commission?

It has the fees naturally. When anybody tells you that a selling tickets website has no commission, it will not be true! Just imagine this whole chain of sellers and resellers including brokers who work there. They will never do something for free. However, the good thing is that some websites have this opportunity to sell tickets at lower prices, they always offer coupons and discounts and ScoreBig is among them.
We have examined the website and can state that they still offer huge discounts on some events. It is to mention that you will not be able to buy those seats at such a huge price off if you try to via the box office. You will save an amount by booking the tickets online, which is great. But, to be honest we have checked comission on two type events: concert and soccer. To our surprise, you can see the commission only on the payment page and it is not at all small. Here are some examples.

ScoreBig Fee – Soccer Event – North Carolina – Chicago Red Stars

How do you like this, if you buy one ticket then the commission is $30.99. Two tickets $50.23 and three tickets $70.37.
Scorebig Comission One Soccer ticket
Scorebig Comission Two Soccer ticket
Scorebig Comission Three Soccer ticket

ScoreBig Fee – Country Concert

And look at covert tickets fee, $128.62 for one ticket, $242.24 for two tickets and $355.86 for three tickets.
Scorebig Fee Concert buying one ticket
Scorebig Fee Concert buying two tickets
Scorebig Fee Concert buying three tickets

Despite the fact that the more tickets you buy, the lower the cost of a commission the Scorebig Service Fee is huge.

How Does It Work?

Once you open the ScoreBig website, you can see the events that are available at that time. They are not filtered and if you look for a particular star concert or a sporting event, you need to search further. You can, for example, look for the events in your city. To do this, you can use the current location feature or, if you not at home currently, you can enter your city manually.
Another filter feature is the date. You can choose an exact date and will see the range of the available events. For example, you want to visit Billie Eilish closest concert in London. To do this, you need to choose London manually (if it is not your current location) and then choose the date you are looking for.
Scorebig Select Ticket Example
Other great filters are helping you to find the most popular events. The ScoreBig website offers three top categories including:

  1. Top Sports Events.
  2. Top Theatre Events.
  3. Top Concert Events.

Inside all those sections you will find the most interesting and popular games and performances that may attract your attention.

The Main Competitors

ScoreBig is not the only player in this industry. There is a StubHub website that looks much more reliable and trustful. ScoreBig sued their reputation in 2016 when they have collapsed. Those clients who worked with them in 2016, have left their negative comments and, we think they will never return to purchase their seats on ScoreBig again.
When comparing StubHub vs ScoreBig, you can’t find some huge differences. They are both working the same way offering tickets for the same events. However, StubHub is not the primary tickets’ distributor and the prices may be lower here. StubHub prices are set by individual sellers and not by the company.
On the other side, sometimes you can find that the tickets have a higher price on Subhub for the very same reason, especially when the event is on demand.

ScoreBig Customer Service

Once you have issues buying tickets, you can contact their customer service. They offer a phone number that you can call at any time. There is also an email and you can address your queries here.  Phone: (877) 726-7324, Email:  Copyright Complaints physical address: ScoreBig, 75 Gerber Road South, Suite 116, South Windsor, CT 06074, email:

Is ScoreBig Reliable Today?

There is no doubt you are wondering if ScoreBig can be trusted again after their collapse in 2016. We are going to cover this subject a bit to help you. The first important thing to mention is that they are working and the website is online. Their business goes on even if their former owners are out of the game currently.
ScoreBig still claims itself the biggest online marketplace for tickets. You can buy passes to multiple events even if they are sold-out. They give a money-back guarantee. They offer an interactive seat map that helps customers to make better decisions.
They admit their history and the mistakes they did in the past. They are no more owned by those who lead them to collapse. They have changed their management board.
ScoreBig is still reliable they were before those events of 2016. They have great experience in tickets-selling business and they apply it to make the service even better than ever. We have to admit that the purchasing process is one of the easiest in the industry.
However, they are not the game-changer today. Since their collapse in 2016, many new players came in this industry and they have to compete with a larger number of businesses today. Their reputation was completely ruined and they are working on reanimating it currently. They spend a lot of resources on promotion and they still have this tail of bad testimonials on the web that push them back every time.

ScoreBig Pros and Cons

What are the advantages of buying tickets via ScoreBig?

  • They offer a wide range of events and you can buy tickets even at the last minute, which is great.
  • The buying procedure is very simple. You choose the date and the location, then you are transferred to the seat map, where you can pick the seat you want. You can pay your ticket using the credit card.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Sometimes you can find offers with a huge discount and ScoreBig coupon codes.
  • User-friendly interface.

As for the disadvantages, they are the following:

  • 1. ScoreBig has ruined its reputation after the case of 2016.
  • 2. Service Fee Cost


All the reviews about the website can be divided into two parts – those who was posted in 2016 and later. The testimonials coming from 2016 is something terrible as they mention scam actions like bogus tickets, wrong seats, etc. Users’ accusations were multiple at that time.
Later things changed completely and you can hardly find a single review with complaints. Currently, all the testimonials are positive and they tell us about the good experience of buying tickets there. As you know it already, they have changed their management and are back into the game again.

Is it worth trying?

We thnk many of you have this annoying question about whether it is a good time to give them another chance? We can’t answer to it as you always need to be on guards when dealing with any tickets reseller in the industry. No one can guarantee that even the top dealers and marketplaces will work properly tomorrow. ScoreBig’s return in the industry is a big event itself, but there who can bet they are forever here this time?


ScoreBig was one of the leaders in this industry before 2016. Later, they have changed their owners. They are trying to return their positions currently but customers are still hesitating to purchase tickets here.

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